Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Birth of Corporatism

Even worse than government taking over the private industry is the government contaminating and mingling in it. At least with a big bureaucracy, one can tell “this is the government” and “this is the private industry.” But with modern corporatism, this is no longer the case. Government and business are merging into somewhat of a symbiotic host/client relationship. That is perhaps the most cruel thing that can happen to its people—they cannot tell where government ends and where business begins, for it is all business. Their tax dollars are spread so vehemently and obscurely that it is nearly impossible to correctly pinpoint exactly what is being wasted and what is not.

Monday, March 2, 2009

It is interesting that society always seems to be turning in on itself. One generation will do the opposite of its parents. Whereas college used to be a place where the Christians were turned into “logical and rational humanists,” now it is the lost who are influenced by the faith of Christ's followers all around them. Let us pray and practice that it should remain this way.

The Ultimate Society

We tend to equate success in a culture by how much scientific knowledge they have, how high their buildings are, how big their military is. In truth, however, the ultimate society, I believe, would be indistinguishable from Adam and Eve in the garden. They would be so connected with God and with one another that extravegant buildings and technological innovations would not suite them except for bare survival essentials such as medicine and defense. Other inventions would seem trivial to compare.
It is in our greatest moments of distress and tragedy that we are the men of emboldened ideals. Times of leisure and merriment are that which chip away with the hope and faith which we are so passionately called to by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We must, then, live each day with a reminder of who we are in Him.