Monday, January 19, 2009

Power and Its Ultimate Source

Power ultimately belongs to God. It is reflected in His people, who lend it to government. The role of government is to use this leased power to provide for the people the engine of a voice and action. The people, once their freedoms are enabled, use this voice to bring glory to God. It is then that God again receives His glory. The disruption occurs when the people abuse the power by means of sin. They pass their abused power to politicians, who too abuse it because they are an extension of the sins of the people. That is why corruption in the governmental body is ultimately a corruption of the people, echoed with varying delay. The people and its governmental body shall continue until either God, for His own mysterious reasons, puts an end to people and, consequently, their government, or God Himself puts an end to humanity—all of which cases power returns to Him.

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