Monday, February 23, 2009

Is the Universe Modeled For Man Or Is Man Modeled Around the Universe?

When discussing God's design of man, we must reach a very important conclusion: was the universe and all its subsequent laws constructed around the design of man, or was man constructed around the laws of the universe. The answer is quite obvious: if the universe were made around man, then the universe would be hospitable to him. We find that this is not the case at all, however. Rather, it appears that God designed man around the laws of the universe. Therefore, when we speak of supposed “blind spots” of vision or places where God “could do it better” we must remember that the task God performed was to construct man in a universe that likely reflected His nature—a universe of order and absolutes, majesty and mystery, and power and enormity. For man to fit into such a place, considering how humbly he is in the grand scheme of things, is an incredibly impressive feat.

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