Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Brief Introduction to Fluent English

I've been toying around a while with the idea to modify the English language to fix some inconsistencies. I thought I'd briefly lay out some of the goals of what I call "Fluent English."

1. The overall purpose of Fluent English is to resolve the numerous inconsistencies in grammar of the current English language.

2. The purpose is NOT to influence any cultural or personal preferences on the language. In other words, I am not trying to force any particular "style" of writing on the language--merely grammatical changes.

3. I am striving to not change the vocabulary--most of the base forms of words should remain intact(with the exception of homonyms and homophones).

4. An additional "inconsistency" dictionary is to be completed after the grammatical rules of Fluent English are created. This involves listing the English form of inconsistent words and their corresponding corrected value in Fluent English.

I will try to post my ideas here about the language as I begin to structure it. I welcome any suggestions.

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